Did vs. Didnt   Did God give the land of Israel to the Jews

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Naomi FR Observer (6 years 4 months ago)

Ah, i see. Well that\'s not too trckiy at all!\"

Velmurugan SE Observer (6 years 4 months ago)

Readnig posts like this make surfing such a pleasure

Kali AU Observer (6 years 4 months ago)

Such an impressive answer! You\'ve bteaen us all with that!

Garfield US Observer (6 years 4 months ago)

Gee whiz, and I tgohuht this would be hard to find out.

Pales who steal the land from US Voted for Did (6 years 4 months ago)

Israel will be subject to eternal damnation. Even their own God will not forgive them.

A Gift from God US Voted for Did (6 years 4 months ago)

The desert blooms now but it will return to sand if the Pales ever (God forbid) take over. Yes, the success of Israel is proof of its God given holiness.

ISR. has made a Desert Bloom US Voted for Did (6 years 5 months ago)

Is this not a sign that it was God-given?

To an egyptian US Voted for Did (6 years 5 months ago)

What difference does 40 years make. The fact is that God gave the land to the Jews, and the the just people of the world have affirmed the legal and moral justification of their claim.

an egyptian Observer (6 years 5 months ago)

god did told the jews to enter the holy land (palatine) they refused they said to mosa(the prophet) \\\"there they live tough people so go and your god fight we will stay hear\\\" so god banded them from it and made them lost 40 years in egypt , and the story is no ended

ISRAEL WAS GIVEN TO JEWS US Voted for Did (6 years 5 months ago)

KORAN DOES NOT MENTION ISRAEL. Is Mecca now worthless to the Muslims? Perhaps next they will claim Anchorage as their holy land.

Observer of Humanity US Voted for Did (6 years 5 months ago)

God and international law and human morality have all given Israel to the Jews. Its jealous, evil sibling cannot tolerate this.

G-d of Israel is great! US Voted for Did (6 years 7 months ago)

The Land of Israel is the Jewish National Homeland. For 2000 years since the Roman conquest of the land and banishment of its population the Jewish people never forgot their home and prayed to return and reestablish their country. The re-gathering of the Jewish people and rebuilding of the Jewish State is one of the most amazing social phenomenon in history. G-d of Israel is great!

mostafa el gabry Voted for Didnt (6 years 7 months ago)

no no no no no no the land for allah only and to the pepole who belived to allah? and this mean it\'s only to the muslim pepole only and the days proved that.

mostafa el gabry Voted for Didnt (6 years 7 months ago)

the land of israel to the muslem pepole ins 3lashan rbna hwa alazy yares el 2ard w el 2ard yarseha min youmn ballah w ins 2orayb 2wy el muslmeen b2zen allah hayerso al 2ard.

Saleha Observer (6 years 7 months ago)

-Again, that is why an agreement will be ispomed on Israel. Israelis don’t seem to have the sense to settle this before they suffer extreme pain in the form of international sanctions and war crimes trials. So let us have them if that’s what it will take to get Israel to see reason. In the end Israel will come to understand that no matter how much power it may have it doesn not have enough to defy the entire international community when it sets its mind to i

Arief IN Observer (6 years 7 months ago)

thus the Nephites were obliged to cetnond with their brethren, even unto bloodshed. I think it interesting that this verse does not refer to the Lamanites and others as enemies but brothers.In it talks about how the Nephites saw the Lamanites were coming upon them. Now remember this is after the point of preaching the gospel to the people that the Nephites prepared for war. This next part I love it describes how the Nephites prepared for war and how the Lamanites prepared for war (). Th

Carlixy Observer (6 years 7 months ago)

You completely ioergnd the fact that I proposed those ideas as counterbalances to yours, i. e. from my point of view they are equally valid, or not valid. But I then added that those arguments are all beside the point. You ioergnd my last paragraph, which was my main thrust. And by the way, I didn\'t create the idea that Israel took responsibility for Jews worldwide. You may not like it, but it has been Israeli principle and policy from the beginning, and if you don\'t know that, your educat

Rajshree Observer (6 years 7 months ago)

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Oliver Observer (6 years 7 months ago)

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Bia Observer (6 years 7 months ago)

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